5 Benefits of VoIP for Remote Working | Tackling Coronavirus Isolation

Remote teams of workers and employees are becoming more and more common and with the evolving situation relating to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) for many businesses the decision is now out of their hands and, in fact, VoIP is something that they wish they’d introduced into their workforce earlier!

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol has changed the communication dynamic entirely. It has become a fast and efficient way for all communication needs. VoIP is taking over the business of telecommunication providers step-by-step. VoIP is an efficient and cheap alternative of communication for both personal and business use

So, how can it benefit remote working?

1. Working on the Go

VoIP allows workers to work on the go, which is especially attractive for those in positions such as sales as they travel much of the time. With VoIP, they have access to communication tools just as they would at home or the office. VoIP systems can integrate with smartphones so that individuals can stay connected to incoming phone calls, new tasks, and more.

2. Central Hub for Information

One of the biggest hurdles in a remote workforce is defining central hubs for information. Organizing documents and data on a VoIP platform offers employees the ability to do this. With accessibility and one source of truth, there’s not a constant back and forth via email, where documents are edited individually. With a central hub, you won’t miss any edits or comments and you’ll experience more seamless workflows.

3. Improved Productivity

VoIP platforms are designed to help workers get more done faster. VoIP allows instant communication, so your staff can get feedback and make decisions sooner. There’s also the time factor. If an employee has the ability to work from home a few days a week, they cut out the commute. They have more time to focus on projects without distractions.

4. Better Reliability

With VoIP, you’ll have much better communication quality and reliability. Because it works on the cloud, it’s not in danger of being out of commission because of hardware failures. Plus, most VoIP providers have strong uptime percentages and can reroute calls in the event of an outage.

5. Enhanced Security

VoIP is a secure way to communicate and share data. The data remains private and secure in a SOC 2-audited cloud. The system is always updated to the latest version, hindering the ability for cyber-attacks. Because your employees will be using VoIP over a VPN, you can ensure that everything stays within your protected environment rather than worrying about whether an internet source is a secured network.

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A Guide To Making Your PC Easier To Use | Windows 10 Ease of Access

Did you know you can customise settings on your PC just for you? Many people can benefit from Windows 10’s Ease of Access settings, from changing the contrast to your screen to having a page read to you or just simply make the font a little bigger, there are many features that can make your day-to-day computer use easier!  Many people think the Ease of Access settings are for people with disabilities or people with low vision etc, however, it’s not, it’s for everyone to make your PC easier to use.

So, how to access Ease of Access

  1. Click Start in the bottom left-hand corner of your Windows 10 screen
  2. Select Settings, which is the clog icon above the start button.
  3. You will find Ease of Access in the Windows Settings options


1. Make text bigger

Whether you’ve got a laptop with a tiny screen or a desktop with a giant monitor, the font may be too small for you to read comfortably, or even to bigger than you require (lucky you!). Windows 10 makes altering your font size, quick and easy, simply use the slider to drag up and down the text size percentages, jumping by 25% at a time.  Once you’re happy with the size displayed as “sample text” above the slider, click apply. Remember, this can be changed back at any point.

Display settings page to change size of text.


2. Make everything bigger

If you want to change the size of apps as well as text, you can use the drop-down options. It will always give you a recommended % display, but go with what works for you!

Windows Display settings page under Ease of Access settings showing Make everything bigger option with the dropdown menu expanded.


3. Make everything brighter or is this case less bright!

As standard, your computers built-in display is likely to be set at 100% brightness, as this offers a clearer visual. However, this may not always be beneficial for every user. Prolonged or extended periods working at your computer can cause issues such as eye strain and headache, it’s stated that the brightness of the screen shouldn’t be lighter or darker than your surroundings. Altering your screen brightness is super easier and aligning it with your workplace brightness can make a big difference.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guABbS6hMHE[/embedyt]

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Bad Guys Are Unwanted Customers For Apple!

Historically, tech giant Apple has been very strict on how their products are used on-screen and even film royalty are no exception! Star Wars director, Rian Johnson says Apple has strong opinions when it comes to who can and can’t use their products in films & tv, and in an interview about his latest film Knives Out in a Vanity Fair he stated: “Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies, but – and this is very pivotal – if you’re ever watching a mystery movie, bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.” An article from Wired as long ago as 2002 pointed out that all the good guys in the long-running thriller 24 use Macs, while all the villains were seen using Windows PCs.

It makes sense that companies such as Apple don’t want to have their products promoted in the hands of movie enemies, in the same way, that soda companies don’t want audiences to see cans of their famous brands tossed into trash bins on the big screen. As the world’s strongest brand in 2019 according to Business Insider, Apple obviously invest a lot of time and money in ensuring their brand only used and view in a positive light!

Product placement in movies is a lucrative marketing tool dated back as far as 1927 in America, however interestingly, for UK TV it was only in February 2011 when paid-for references for products and services will be permitted in programmes. Over the last decade, Apple had more product placements in-studio movies than any other brand, but the company always wants its products to ‘be the hero’.

Apple devices have featured in Sex and the City, The Family Guy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fast Five, and countless other television shows and movies. According to brand tracking company Concave, an Apple product appears in one form or another in most TV shows taking place in the modern world. They found there were 13 minutes of airtime for Apple in the second season of Nicole Kidman-fronted Big Little Lies, also starring Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep. In 2012, Apple’s Phil Schiller said the company ‘would love to see our products used by the stars,’ but the philosophy would always be to show ‘the product as hero.’

The power of product placement is undeniable, whether it is positive or negative really is reliant on the strict policy of an individual brand and Apple really is a shining example of how to do it effectively.