Windows 7 End of Life: Have You Transitioned?

Did you know as of the 14th January 2020, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7? This means it will no longer be subject to updates, therefore anyone using these products will now be under increased risk of cyber-attacks and security threats. Fortunately, and expectedly, transitioning to Windows 10 is the perfect answer, and the migration is a simple process.

Migration to Windows 10 can offer your business many benefits;


  • 1. Security: Windows 10 is the most secure operating system ever produced offering 5 key features
      1. Device Protection
          • Virtualisation Based Security
          • UEFI Secure Boot
          • Windows Trusted Boot
          • Windows Update
          • Trusted Platform Module


      2. Threat Resistance
          • Device Guard
          • Microsoft Edge
          • Windows Defender
          • Windows Firewall
          • SmartScreen


      3. Identity Protection
          • Credential Guard
          • Windows Hello Companion Devices
          • Windows Hello


      4. Information Protection
          • Device Encryption
          • Windows Information Protection
          • BitLocker Admin & Monitoring
          • BitLocker
          • BitLocker to Go


      5. Breach Detection Investigation & Response
          • Security Management2
          • Conditional Access
          • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection


    1. Speed: Windows operating system, Fast Startup offers hardware with an SSD that boots in seconds and can handle the most demanding of workloads. Windows 10 also handles memory management better than earlier versions, allowing for faster operations and efficient multitasking.


    1. Usability: Better-tuned for multi-tasking, the improved virtual desktops and superbly-implemented Task View make juggling multiple open windows much easier. Windows 10 also offers half-monitor and quarter-monitor sizes when you drag Desktop windows, and open windows can automatically fill open space. Apps and notifications are put at the user’s fingertips through the Action Centre, very much like you are used to seeing on a smartphone. Along with this, its File Explorer makes it easier to find and manage files, you can customise it and your common tools are easily located through the ribbon arranged top menu.


    1. Management & Updates: The importance of safeguarding valuable data plays a big part in the Windows 10 experience. It offers automatic updating that reduces IT workloads and keeps your organisation equipped with the latest systems, stress-free! Tools like Active Directory, Windows System Center Configuration Manager and InTune also make it easier to manage and monitor users and PCs on Windows 10.


We can help you, get in touch and we can review your systems in a bid to get them updated and keep your equipment and data secure!

2020: The Year of VoIP

2020 sees BT no longer offering businesses the ability to acquire ISDN or PSTN (the traditional telephone copper cable network), with the aim of a total switch off of these services in 2025. So, what’s replacing it?  When it comes to adapting business technology following the BT 2025 switch off, the big push is towards VoIP!

Voice Over Internal Protocol (VoIP), is a cloud-based phone system that functions by making phone calls through the internet, rather than a regular landline or mobile network. It works by taking your analogue voice signals, converting them into digital signals, then sending them as data over your broadband line. Although the technology behind VoIP is obviously clever stuff, as an end-user there really is very little to get to grips with when it comes to operating it. Ever used the Facebook, Facetime, Facetime Audio or Skype call functions? It’s the exact same concept, applied to the traditional method of dialling a number and connecting through to the person at the other end.


7 Key Features


  1. Number portability

Retain or add further UK numbers any time

  1. Resilience

In an emergency or disaster

  1. Scalability

Introduce new users and services to suit your growing business

  1. Unrivalled features

High definition voice quality and industry-leading functionality

  1. Easy

Easy to use web portal to control and manage your system

  1. Mobility

Allocate single virtual numbers to remote workers to appear as if they are sitting in the office

  1. Integration

Integrate PCs, phones and CRM for professional customer contact management


Why chose VoIP?


Spend Less

  • Reduced maintenance costs (compared to a traditional on-premises phone system)
  • There’s only one network to manage (you’ll get your voice and data over the same internet connection, so you don’t need your old phone network)
  • Easy to add more ‘phone lines’ (because the ‘lines’ are virtual, you don’t need an engineer out to install new cabling)
  • Reduce travel costs by using web conferencing (instead of holding face-to-face meetings)

Do More

  • Mobile device integration (you can divert your office phone to your mobile)
  • Call management features like call forwarding, routing and transfer, voicemail, and three-way calling
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Call monitoring and call recording
  • CRM integration (integrate your phone system with your CRM database)
  • An online management portal makes managing the system easy and convenient
  • Virtual geographic numbers so your business can give the impression of being local even if it isn’t

Be Flexible

  • Employees can hold virtual meetings at the drop of a hat
  • Remote working is easier with VoIP systems
  • Employees can share data and communicate over Instant Messenger
  • If you move you can take your VoIP phone number with you wherever you go (unlike with a traditional landline number, which is tied to your telephone exchange area)


How will it work for my business?

Small Medium Large
Up to 10 employees 11 to 29 employees 30+ employees
Set up a new business fast with a main number Fast set-up for new employees and departments Add new agents and sites and scale as you grow
Full control of telephony, even for non-technical employees Permission-based access for supervisors and users Integration with CRM and other business systems
Work from home, the office or anywhere Adapt your telephony to your business Advanced call routing and reporting
Appear bigger integrating with your CRM No capital expenditure Minimal capital outlay
Quick set-up of your ‘plug-and-play’ handset Supports your business to grow fast and remain agile Supports your business to grow fast and remain agile
Easy-to-use portal for user admin Manage your phone system remotely Produce reports for individual usage


Here at Ocean Telecom we can make switching the VoIP quick, easy and risk-free for your business. Get in touch with us and see how we can keep your business operating efficiency as technology advances!