Samsung Galaxy S8 available now

We now have in stock the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8, widely popular with new and improved features from its predecessor Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone has hit 1 million in domestic sales twice as quickly as any other Samsung mobile. Ever since it went on sale, the Galaxy S8 has been flying off the shelves and everyone is highly rating the device.

Cnet calls it “the most beautiful, polished phone I’ve ever had.”

Tech Radar says it’s “..the best phone of 2017”

The S8 features an all-glass design, curved screen, digital home button and wireless charging. The new device is slim and long compared to most modern smartphones, designed to be held in one hand.

With IP68 rating, it is water resistant to a maximum depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes, and is protected from dust, dirt and sand without the need for extra caps or covers.

The Galaxy S8 comes in two sizes – the S8 with a 5.8-inch display, measuring 148.9 x 68.1 x8.0 mm, and the S8+ with a 6.2-inch display, measuring 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm.

The physical home button has been removed, and replaced with a pressure-sensitive panel underneath the screen. The fingerprint reader is now located on the back of the phone, next to the camera module, and is designed to be used with an index finger rather than a thumb. The phone also supports iris scanning for extra added security.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has a new artificially intelligent personal assistant called Bixby. Just like Apple’s Siri, Bixby responds to spoken commands, allowing users to control their phones with their voices alone. The personal assistant can support almost every task that the application is capable of performing – so you don’t have to remember which features work with voice command and which don’t.

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