New law on roaming charges across Europe

The European Union has agreed to scrap roaming charges from 15 June, following a vote by the European Parliament.

An EU law change means roaming charges will be eliminated across Europe, so you will no longer need to worry about how much making calls, sending texts and internet usage will cost.

‘Roam Like Home’ will help save British holidaymakers £1.3 billion a year, this means the days of being surprised by a huge phone bill are coming to an end.

You will be able to call and text anyone in the EU at your normal UK rate. So if your friends and family are away they can call you and it won’t incur extra costs.

Vodafone is dropping its roaming charges in 40 countries in its EuroTraveller zone, including Iceland, Turkey and Switzerland on 11 June. Along with most other providers, you’ll still pay to roam in Serbia and Montenegro.

O2’s roaming-free Europe Zone will cover 47 countries for pay-monthly customers – but excludes Turkey. Oddly, its PAYG customers will continue to pay roaming charges in Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco and Switzerland, but contract customers will be free.

EE’s deal is almost identical to O2’s, except PAYG customers aren’t penalised. EE has said customers will only be able to use the first 15GB of their data allowance in the EU for free under “fair use” rules.

EU negotiators have been working on putting an end to roaming charges for nearly a decade. Since 2007, prices have fallen by more than 90 per cent. Many operators in the UK have started to remove roaming charges in certain countries.

The deal on wholesale fees is intended to ensure operators can continue to compete fairly across the EU. Customers who exceed the limits of their contract or allowance while roaming will also not be charged any more than the wholesale caps.

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