iPads: Daily uses to benefit your business

iPads: Daily uses to benefit your business

The Apple iPad has been proved to be one of the most popular devices available. Its powerful on-going mission is to maintain a hard grip on the growing tablet market. Throughout every upgrade and generation, the growth and market share of these tablets have continued around the world. This is due to its premium build, great quality, and clear design with easy to use software.

IPads and tablet computers are connecting people around the world, whether through social media websites, emails or visual chat apps. These tablets are essentially a combination of a modern smartphone and a laptop computer. Business owners often use tablets to get tasks done on the run, create presentations for meetings and update websites and blogs. They are lightweight, compact and affordable.

Going out and about

People are constantly travelling for business whether it’s to meet with clients, present projects or travel between offices. Tablets help people to get work done whilst on route. This means travel time is used well and people don’t fall behind on their work. With the range of apps and offline working, it’s as easy as ever to not have an excuse as to why a task has not been done.

Making Transactions

Businesses can use tablets to transfer money via the internet. This means that business people can meet with customer or clients and handle the transaction while both parties are present. This gives the buyer more control and confidence, as he is there when money is taken from his account.

Another way companies are using iPad’s are as a form of payment gateway in shops. For example, if you would go to a coffee shop, instead of a cash register they could have an iPad. This would be secured to the reception desk and customers could come in and either self-order or an employee could order it for them on the iPad. Many businesses are taking this new approach to look modern and innovative.

Online Updates

Employees use iPads to keep in touch with clients and perform day to day work tasks. You are always connected. A tablet allows you to update the company website, blog and social media with links and promotions. This is a quick and easy tool to use when you are away from your computer. You can answer emails no matter where you are, with a clearer and bigger screen than a mobile. A lot of apps now have cloud or live updates, so that if you are working on a project you can save it in live time.

Great customer experience

The iPad lets you give your customers a better quality of service, using service desk apps that allow you to manage service tickets and access customer records on the fly. In addition, payment processing apps like Square Register let you take customer payments straight from your tablet. Square Register comes with a free card reader that plugs into the iPad’s headphone input, meaning you’ll never have to make your customers wait to complete a transaction.

Modern Technology

Another benefit of using an iPad in a business is the way the customer/clients view the company. A business should be up-to-date with technology and operating systems. This shows professionalism and smart business skills. Applications can be downloaded to manage schedules, plan your day or remind you of appointments. This is great for you or your employee’s organisational skills as well as timekeeping. You can track billable hours through a tablet and use diction applications to create your own memos.

Presentation skills

The iPad’s power, portability and high-quality display make it ideal to use in presentations. Its manageability is easy and can go into any bag or briefcase. Apps such as Apple’s own Keynote run professional presentations from the device itself. The iPad’s optional VGA and HDMI adapters let you connect the device to a large screen, for presentations in large venues like lecture halls.

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